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Legal Support for Landlords, Creditors, and Business Owners and Creatives.


Landlord Tenant Law

Godwin-Jones & Price, P.C. has consistently focused on the legal needs of landlords in the wider Central Virginia region.  Our tenure is built upon a foundation of experience and on the relationships we have forged with our clients, assisting them in all aspects of property management. Landlords and property managers are increasingly faced with the pressures of a demanding business – one that involves unpredictability and matters that are often time-sensitive in nature.  Since our staff is often the first point of contact our model has been to foster a pro-active, team environment so that client needs are addressed timely and in a positive manner. We also provide on-going training to all of our employees to increase their knowledge-base and which serves as a direct benefit for our clients.  As one of our staff pointed out recently we are here to provide clients information about their accounts but also help them up the learning curve of the legal process.  Inevitably, court appearances become necessary and we are there almost every day.   We are familiar with the requirements of each court and it’s our job to make we meet those requirements to get the best possible outcome for our clients.


  • Advising on compliance with Virginia law
  • Reviewing leases, contracts and notices
  • Answering daily property management questions
  • Responding to breach of contract or lease violation issues
  • Troubleshooting problem tenant issues
  • Filing monthly unlawful detainers
  • Defending tenant assertions and other tenant litigation
  • Representing your property in court while you remain in your office
  • Providing optimum court dates
  • Resolving claims against you or your property
  • Collecting delinquent accounts
  • Advising you when your tenants file for bankruptcy
  • Bringing conflicts to a timely resolution

Creditor’s Rights and Small Business Representation

Becoming a small business owner doesn’t end with picking a name and filing articles of incorporation.  It starts there.  And if you’ve been doing it long enough you know there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears along the way.  Unfortunately, many of our calls from clients involve collecting their account receivables and this is why we view creditor’s rights as such an integral part of small business representation.  The scope of our collection services includes the filing of garnishments, debtor interrogatories, creditor suits and suits to enforce mechanic’s liens.  From there, the representation can range from securing assets in bankruptcy court to defending actions before the Department of Professional Occupational Regulation to analyzing and improving contracts. 

Most of my small business clients started with a passion for something – whether it’s making music or improving homes.  Not only is that passion necessary to keep the business afloat but it’s also infectious.  I love helping my clients survive and succeed.”     

                                                            - Matthew Roberts, Godwin-Jones and Price Attorney

Small business representation is where many areas of law intersect and we have developed the breadth and depth of knowledge to assist with many of the issues that an entrepreneur will face.  Whether it is protecting your intellectual property or providing registered agent services, we want to help.